Canadian Sikhs


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The  Sikh community of Canada has many distinctions. Mr. Narindar Singh's book serves as a handbook about their history and who they are and who the Sikhs as a whole are, which will be of vital interest readers world-wide. It is meticulously researched, straight-forwardly stated, written with strength and enthusiasm and eminently balanced.

The author is at all times aware of the new global civilization which is emerging in our world. In this context he looks over the past and present of a community which emerged from the old Punjab, with its continuous civilizations as old as the pyramids, and met the twentieth century head on in "the uttermost part of the west" of the "the New World." The Sikhs of Canada survived and today exemplify to all how a small and distinct community based on a way of religion and spirituality can become an integral and fully identified part of a multi-community whole, providing vigor, leadership, and prosperity for all. This book will be of service throughout the world.

Published: 1994
Pages: 298
Format: Paperback