About India Bookworld

Established in 1993, India Bookworld (formerly Asian Publications) has been a leading supplier of South Asian books in North America and around the world.  We specialize in books on all topics: religion, culture, history, language learning, children, yoga and health, cooking, arts and films, astrology and numerology in English, Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati, Bengali and other Indian languages written by South Asian Canadian authors. We help libraries in developing collections written by Indo-Canadians.

Our highly educated research team continually monitors key trends in publishing, customer groups, and technology to update our collections accordingly.

India Bookworld is member of the Canadian Independent Booksellers Association (CIBA): 



Institutional Customers

Institutional customers are core of our business.  We have been supplying books and media (audio CDs and DVDs) to various institutions across Canada and the United States.  These include: public and academic libraries, public and private schools, regional and federal government agencies, and non-profit and NGOs. Our team works closely with professionals in the respective areas to understand their needs and provide appropriate consultation free of charge.

We understand customers have different needs and our focus lies in customizing solutions based on those specific needs.

Publishing Division

Beginning March 2012, India Bookworld has launched its publishing program. Our editing, design and production services ensure the highest quality of book as well as electronic publishing. Manuscripts are invited for publication in English, Punjabi, Hindi and other Indian languages.  

Children’s authors are encouraged to produce bilingual picture books. Our sales division works with authors in promoting their printed and e-books on various available platforms like newspapers, magazines, radio, television public meetings, exhibitions and online.  Brief summary for publication may be sent to us at info@asianpublications.com and our editorial team will carefully examine the proposals. 

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India Bookworld is grateful to the Government of Canada for their financial support to us under the Canada Book Fund Program