Fascinating Folktales of Punjab - Undivided Punjab Edition-1(Punjabi-English-Shahmukhi)


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Fascinating Folktales of Punjab - Undivided Punjab Edition-1 is beautifully illustrated short stories book by popular author in three languages-Punjabi-English and Shahmukhi.Each story is presented lyrically in authentic Punjabi  as well as Shahmukhi with English translation and has a moral. Child-friendly maps of undivided Punjab and tables to familiarize children with both the Punjabi scripts inspire further learning about the rich legacy of Punjab. This title is a collection of five books published earlier: The Sparrow and the Pippal, The Sparrow and the Crow, The Lamb and the Dhol, The Farmer and the Dove, and The Very Hungry Ant.

Format: Hardcover

ISBN: 978-0988710184

Pages: 88