Effective Yoga for Health and Happiness


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This book gives practical guidelines on how to keep oneself young, healthy and happy by practicing some simple yogic techniques based on postures (asana), breathing exercises (pranayama), and relaxation and meditation.

These time-honoured, all-pervasive yogic prescriptions are gems that work like magic to transform our lives and help us live a holistic life. Yoga enhances the overall quality of life. This is not only applicable to individuals but to the community as a whole. Today, in this quality-conscious and productivity-based commercial world, where organizations need most from their knowledge workers, the author’s mission of providing a stress-free life is a panacea. 

Relief from aches, pains and tensions, leads to better concentration, creativity, positive attitude, better team work, and reduced absenteeism, which is the need of the hour. Lifestyle and healthy diet are complementary to any yoga routine. This richly illustrated book gives many practical tips on how to discipline one's lifestyle and make a healthy diet plan.

Published: 2009
Pages: 201
Format: Paperback