Hindu Law: Beyond Tradition and Modernity

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In this major work, one of the world’s leading authorities on the subject argues that, regardless of contestations to the contrary, Hindu Law remains a living entity. Complex, essentially flexible, and constantly evolving, it has reached a stage of post-modernity.

The book closely examines theoretical and historical developments to show that Hindu Law was never a code-based, positivist state law system. Challenging the core assumptions of legal modernity, as well as traditional perceptions, the author argues that Hindu Law, custom, and cultural concepts continue to play an integral role in contemporary judicial reasoning and in the formulation of statutes.

This intensively researched volume will be invaluable for scholars and students of law, gender studies, religion, jurisprudence, sociology, philosophy, as well as law professionals, social theorists, and discerning general readers.

About The Author
Werner F. Menski is Professor, School of Law, School of African and Asian Studies, University of London.
Published: 2011 (4th reprint)
Pages: 648
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Oxford University Press