Islam, South Asia, and the West


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This topical collection explains the mechanics and connections of two significant developments in world history: the expansion of Western power and the revival of Islam - in which South Asia has played a central role. Highlighting the limitations of a 'clash of civilizations' view and presenting other perspectives, the volume confronts key issues of contemporary relevance.

Francis Robinson analyzes the interactions between British power and Muslim revivalism in the modern Muslim world, the role of 'ulama and their knowledge in fashioning Muslim societies, and the meaning of a shift to this-worldly piety amongst Muslims to relations between Islam and the West.

Lucid, stimulating, and grounded in a lifetime of serious research, this book will be important for scholars and students of medieval and modern Indian history, Islamic studies and religion. It will also interest political scientists , political and social analysts, and informed general readers.

About the author

Francis Robinson is Professor of History of South Asia at Royal Holloway, University of London.

Published: 2011 (3rd reprint)
Pages: 308
Format: Paperback