Islamic Food with Healing Touch


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Islamic Food with Healing Touch gives a detailed account of how Persian, Turkish, Sufi and Mughal influences have contributed to the enrichment of Islamic cuisine, keeping in mind the dietary laws of Islam. Each country has its own unique flavor, its own ingredients, and its own culture. Although the cooking differs with each place, there are some general characteristics like slow cooking over charcoal or baking in a tandoor that binds the cuisine together.

With simplicity at its core, Islamic Food with Healing Touch, is the perfect guide for contentment and well-being, achieved through cooking right and eating right. The recipes here are carefully handpicked to provide natural health and healing through the use of nutritious ingredients. Whether you want to warm up with aash-e-joe (barley soup) or stick to the main course rubyan mishwi (prawns in tomato sauce) or round off a meal with lip-smacking sheer berenj (rice pudding). This book will show you how to produce the exotic taste and aromas of Muslim food in your own kitchen and will inspire you to create meals fit for a sultan! 

Beautifully presented in color and also provides introduction to the history and influences of the Islamic cuisine.

About the Author

Persian scholar and food connoisseur Salma Husain works for ITC Welcomegroup, New Delhi, as Food Consultant. She has translated several Persian texts into English. Salma Husain has also worked for the Archives of India as a research assistant, in All India Radio as a newsreader, and as Station Director in the External Services of All India Radio for the Afghanistan desk. She has also been associated with the tourism industry. She regularly contributes food-related articles to leading newspapers of the country and has published many cookbooks like 50 Great Sharbats and The Emperor's Table: The Art of Mughal Cuisine which won the Gourmand World Cookbook Award for the Best in the World Book for Culinary History in 2009. 

Published: 2011
Pages: 96
Format: Hardcover