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Raman is a marketing executive with brilliant prospects at a multinational company; Shagun is his extraordinarily beautiful wife. With his glittering future, her vivid beauty, and their two adorable children—eight year old Arjun who looks just like her and two year old Roohi who looks just like him—the pair appear to have everything.

Then Shagun meets Raman’s dynamic new boss Ashok and everything changes. Once lovers and companions, husband and wife become enemies locked in an ugly legal battle over their two children. Caught in their midst is the childless Ishita who is in love with the idea of motherhood.

Custody is the riveting story of how family-love can disintegrate into an obsession to possess children, body and soul, as well as a chilling critique of the Indian judicial system. Told with nuance, sympathy, and clear-sightedness, it confirms Manju Kapur’s reputation as the great chronicler of the modern Indian family.

 "Impressive in its skill and heart-rending in its honesty" ~ The Guardian

"Few writers have explored the complex terrain of the Indian family with as much insight and affection" ~ Outlook

Format: Paperback
Year: 2015
Pages: 396