Learn Urdu in 30 Days


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This title has been prepared with a view of meeting the requirement of all who wish to study Urdu systematically. The rules of grammar has been given in a very simple form and in proper sequence. Sentences have been carefully graduated from simplicity in the form of easy sentences to difficulty in the form of passages. In the first part, Alphabet is set out and then pronunciation explained, while a few reading exercises are added for illustration. These exercises are provided with key transliteration (pronunciation).

The second part deals with some classified vocabularies with their pronunciation on useful topics. About 800 word have been given with their pronunciation and meaning.

In the third part one can learn to form simple sentences and also the form of conversation on useful topics.

The fourth part deals with grammar and contains simple rules.

The fifth part deal with some useful sentences, simple letters, small stories and essays. In the last few pages, pronunciation for the fourth part and fifth part have been given.