At War: Four Pillars of Falsehood and Public of Republic


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It was not the single moan but the wails of lakhs of mothers and widows from across the country, whose children and man had fallen victims to the tyranny...of state...executed by ceremonial offices of his excellency the henchmen & lordships...who reach these high offices not for highest human attributes and values but for their gang loyalties...! The enlightened political terrorists...laws of lawlessness...ghost witnesses...special courts....its script writer finally met...nemesis bringing an early end...but did it really end..?

The book details historical perspective and circumstances of establishment of Colonial Indian state and transition of its colonial subjects into helpless petitioners before its corrupt political leaders, that head the autocratic power formation. The ongoing crisis of organized corruption, crime and resultant insurgency as by-product of conflict between democratic aspirations based on values of truth, equality, liberty, justice of victims of predatory governance apparatus.It peels off the layers of criminal acts of rogue institutional mechanisms and role of various constitutional positions from the President of India to Governors in the states, the nexus that form the backbone of criminal acts of the state that is armed with vast array of laws of lawlessness.

Published: 2015
Pages: 230
Format: Hardcover