Bollywood Storm, Book I: New York


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Bollywood Storm is an intricate and mystical murder mystery, unfolding in two Books, set Bollywood-style.

Elanna Forsythe George is a Boston born, New York forensic scientist who only takes on cold cases. Stone cold dead cases. She solves mysteries in unusual ways with her accidentally acquired, para-mystical abilities. Her cases come to her a few years after high-powered mainstream investigations, police and legal proceedings have all failed, and there's a dead end. But she doesn't take every case.

Book I: New York
Elanna is hired by the Bollywood starlet, Simryn Gill, to reopen the case of Rajesh Sharma, a Bollywood director who died supposedly from a heart attack two years previous. Although it appears a simple heart attack, there is no drama, no gossip, and no controversy anywhere in the Bollywood media. Somewhere, in that odd conspicuous silence, Elanna smells a big rat.

Story continues in Bollywood Storm, Book II: Mumbai

Published: 2015
Format: Paperback
Pages: 310
ISBN-13: 978-0991797738