Campus Cola

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Okay, here's a sneak preview of what will amuse you in CAMPUS COLA (aka What You Should Never Do In Medical College). Act hip. Bunk classes. Chase skirts. Dig philosophy. Explore a Zen master's commune. Fail twice. Get rusticated. Have a ball. Irritate profs. Join gang wars. Kill time. Loot a four star hotel. Mark proxies. Neck down alcohol. Organize strikes. Postpone passing out. Question killjoy rules, Romance foreigner babes. Smoke joints. Take a part-time job in an ad agency. Undermine campus harmony. Veer towards chaos. Wonder about God. Xerox-repeat wild schemes. Yack away at the canteen. Zip across to expulsion.
"A thrilling, pacy novel indeed! Brought back a whole host of warm memories of own college days. This is one joyride you shouldn't miss!" - R. Madhavan, Film star
Published: 2011
Pages: 351
Format: Paperback