Curries and Spicy Dishes for your slow cooker


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Kris Dhillon shows how easily you can produce your favorite spicy and curry dishes in a slow cooker. Slow cookers cook the food gently, keeping it moist and preserving flavor and natural goodness. They are convenient to use, relatively inexpensive to buy and economical to operate.

This collection of tasty recipes includes such Indian favorites as chicken korma, lamb pasanda and rogan josh, as well as dishes such Thai seafood curry, Moroccan lamb tagine and Jamaican jerk chicken.  Recipes presented represent various regions: Indian, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Burma, Jamaica, and North America.

Also includes tips on how to get best results from a healthy, flexible and easy way of cooking. Beautifully presented in color with lots of photographs.

Published: 2011
Pages: 185
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Right Way, UK