Entertaining Indian Style: Recipes for All Occasions


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This book makes a bid to recognize the place entertaining has in modern life.  In the frenetic, fast-forward lifestyles of ambitious young people, well-planned and relaxed entertaining can bring small islands of peace, friendship and beauty. In our otherwise stressful lives, this art can bring opportunities to create beauty and elegance.

Says Vimla Patil, "Since I believe that the creation of beauty and elegance, warmth and sharing is the basic purpose of all life, I am proud to present this collection of recipes divided into convenient menus for seasons, festivals, family and social occasions and for the promotion of business. 

About the author

Vimla Patil is undoubtedly one of the most widely known women journalists and social workers of India. Former editor of Femina, India's most widely read and popular women's magazine, she has authored several books and directs a professional team of models, fashion experts, choreographers, stage and prop creators India's finest textile promotions.

Published: 1993
Pages: 184
Format: Paperback