Healthy Indian Cooking for Diabetes


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This is the first book to offer healthy Indian dishes for people with diabetes. It addresses the problem of diabetes in the Indian sub-continent, and authors Azmina Govindji and Sanjeev Kapoor have created dietary recommendations and recipes specifically for an Indian and South Asian audience. However, anyone who loves Indian food can enjoy these authentic recipes.

Azmina Govindji, UK's leading diabetes dietitian, discusses what you can do to reduce the risk of diabetes for yourself and your family. She highlights the good points about Indian cuisine, as well as focuses on portion control and weight management, healthy cooking methods and what to have when you're eating out.

India's top celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor has created 100 exceptional recipes that will help you control your diabetes and manage your weight, but without noticing any difference in taste. The recipes celebrate traditional Indian cuisine - the huge variety of vegetables, salads and chutneys that gives so much taste to a meal. Essential reading for anyone that loves Indian food and wants a healthy lifestyle, Healthy Indian cooking for Diabetes will help you to eat well without compromising on taste.

Tastefully presented with lots of color photographs, charts, and tables to serve a healthy meal without compromising the taste.

Published: 2008
Pages: 160
Format: Paperback