Indian Art: A Concise History


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This classic survey spanning some four thousand years traces the rich visual expressions of one of the world's most ancient yet most dynamic cultures. Set in their context here are such high points as the Buddhist stupa at Sanchi, with its sculpture which combines intense spirituality and sexuality in a way that was to be the hallmark of Indian art; the cave-shrine of Elephanta, the intricate temples of Khauraho, and lithe bronze figures of Hindu gods and rulers; the Mughal masterpiece of the Taj Mahal; and the golden age of Rajasthani and Pahari miniature painting.

Striking and beautiful in themselves, the works are further charged with symbolic and religious significance to which Professor Craven provides a clear guide. This revised edition brings the narrative up to date by exploring the contribution of twentieth-century artists and incorporates a useful Glossary and Timeline.

Includes 201 illustrations, 33 in color.

Published: 1997
Pages: 256
Format: Paperback