India's 1984 For the Record: Illustrated Essays


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In his new book, a popular Canadian author, T. Sher Singh,  provides a fresh look at the tragic events of 1984 in India, and attempts to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together as to why and how the genocide of Sikhs occurred. In the first section, he provides a summary of the events of that year, and then in the second section of the book, goes on to relate stories of how his life and those of millions of other Sikhs across the diaspora were affected by the goings-on in India and its Orwellian propaganda machine - even though these Sikhs, like the author himself, had long ago made the free world their home and had no involvement in the tragedy unfolding on the subcontinent. The book is illustrated with dozens of graphic images from both June and November 1984. This is beautifully  hardbound that will make an excellent addition to the academic, special and public libraries, as well as a useful gift for friends, family and colleagues..

Format: Hardcover


ISBN: 978-1999429119

Pages: 219