Kambdi Kalaai (DVD)


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This a great tribute to the popular Punjabi author, Bhai Vir Singh. Set in New York City, Kambdi Kalaai opens with the main character Gurmukh  bringing home Ida a Caucasian fellow student, with whom he has apparently fallen in love. She is fascinated by Sikhi and by Gurmukh's dastar and beard, his saroop. The opening suggests that the film will center on Gurmukh and Ida it does not. A parallel plot unfolds at the engagement of Gurmukh's younger sister, Bhani. As the festivities are in full swing, all are horrified when Bhani's fiancĂ© shows up with an evening shadow rather than the full beard he had just days earlier. Bhani is hurt and refuses the engagement, giving her fiance an ultimatum to keep his saroop. 

The plot then shifts back, as Gurmukh and Ida's story re-emerges with Gurmukh displaying almost a disdain for being a Sikh. He just wants to fit in.  The film shows Bhani's angst at seeing her fiancĂ© fall from Sikhi saroop and Ida's incomprehension of why Gurmukh is not proud of his Sikh heritage and form. Accordingly there are two climactic moments in the film. One, when Bhani gives her ultimatum and a second when Ida tells a confused Gurmukh that she can only be with him if he gives up his saroop and cuts his hair.

Released: 2006
Running Time: 60 mins