Kingfizzer: The Rise and Fall of Vijay Mallya


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By the time billionaire Vijay Mallya got on board a Jet Airways flight from Delhi to London on March 2, 2016, a spectacular career already lay in his wake. Known for his bling lifestyle, calendar shoots with bikini-clad models, high stakes in IPL team, the most popular beer brand in the country, and an airline that was the last word in luxury, Mallya had for years been the uncrowned King of Good Times.

But the global downtown in aviation couple with the company's own mismanagement had worsened Kingfisher's ill health. A loan of Rs. 9,000 crore proved insufficient to stem the slide in its fortunes. By 2013, the high-flying airline shut shop, leaving employees and investors in the lurch. Mallya, though, continued to live the high life, with his superyacht, personal aircraft, penthouse in Trump Plaza, and scores of other extravagant assets.  Facing charges of money laundering, misappropriation and being wilful defaulter, he flew off to his estate in the UK.

Kingfizzer: The Rise and Fall of Vijay Mallya reveals the man behind the headlines. What emerges is a portrait of a workaholic, a man of unexpected religiosity, an aggressive entrepreneur respected his staff, one who doggedly stayed the course despite the body blows - but also someone who played fast and loose with fortune. And lost.

Publsihed: 2017
Pages: 222
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Harper Business