Kundalini - The Secret of Yoga


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Although some aspects of the ancient discipline of Yoga are currently familiar in the West, the real nature and purpose of this profound science of the soul is still widely misunderstood. And in the East, where the discipline was born and reached its peak many centuries ago, much of the knowledge gained has been lost.

Gopi Krishna, drawing upon his own experience of Higher Consciousness, has re-examined the discipline of Yoga and its psychosomatic lever, Kundalini, in the light of modern knowlege and presents, for the first time, a clear and comprehensive analysis of this amazing subject.

Citing the real goal of Yoga and the most effective way to achieve it, he describes the biological and physiological aspects of the discipline, the rewards of successful efffort and the tremendous signficance true Yoga has for the continued survival and healthy evolution of the race.

Published: 1998 (6th Reprint)
Pages: 214
Format: Paperback