Life: A Theatrical Stage


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 “Life - A Theatrical stage” - is a spiritual and scientific discourse  that revolves around the mystery of life which is comprised of different narrations discussed in a serial-wise manner. It all commences with the eagerness of a science student who has strong urge to unveil the secret of his life. He thinks only science could help him to disentangle this complicated puzzle and so, being a student of BSc Chemistry, he begins by exploring scientific research in quite a passionate way. To the reverse, he finds himself heading towards greater confusion as he is making progress in scientific field. Even if he wants to go little deeper in matter, it somehow demands him forcefully to proceed for never ending depths. This is to say he is always surrounded by mysterious questions that are like entangled yarn; more you try to sort it out, more complicated it gets. Moreover the moment he tries to ignore these questions, they get turned into haunting shadows which follow him everywhere even in his dreams

Format: Softcover

Year: 2018

Pages: 95