Life and Work of Guru Arjan


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A comprehensive study of the life and work of Guru Arjan Sahib ji (1563 - 1606), the fifth Guru of the Sikhs, this volume reconstructs his life based on history,memory, tradition, and mythic representation.

The author focuses on the major influences that shaped Guru Arjan's thought. He discusses the sociopolitical conditions that molded Guru's life, inspiring him to become one of the greatest religious leaders of the world. Presenting a systematic analysis of Guru Arjan's teachings, the author examines the Guru's role as leader of the growing Sikh Panth.

This book discusses major institutional developments and formation of the Sikh canon during Guru's reign. It also explores the circumstances surrounding the Guru's martyrdom and the subsequent impact on the crystallization of the Sikh Panth. Lucidly written and with a keen multidisciplinary focus, this book will be of keen interest to students and scholars of religion, especially Sikh studies, and also historians, sociologists, and wide general audience.

According to Khushwant Singh, this book is "a must for anyone interested in Sikhism."

About the Author
Pashaura Singh is Dr Jasbir Singh Saini Endowed Chair in Sikh and Punjabi Studies, University of California. He has written and edited many scholarly works on Sikhism, including Sikhism in Global Context.

Published: 2007 (Second reprint)
Pages: 316
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Oxford University Press