Maharani Jind Kaur


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Kennel officer Manna Singh Aulakh's daughter, Jind Kaur had exceptionally attractive looks and was vivacious enough to attract the attention of the lion of the Punjab. Though 57, the Maharaja retained his passion to discern and possess beauty. Since she was the daughter of his friend-officer who hailed from a nearby village (Chichrianwali) of his own birth-place, Gujranwala, Jind Kaur could be inducted into the royal zanana (harem) only after the nuptial ceremonies had been gone through.

Her captivating eyes and ever-ready wit so enchanted the one-eyed lion that she became his JIND (life and strength) in the literal sense. But she attracted the public eye only after she gave birth to a son (Duleep Singh) on the 6th September 1838. The Maharaja was then at Amritsar when Munshi Govind Sahai brought the news from Lahore.

This youngest son of Ranjit Singh was soon after called upon to play a very crucial and conspicuous role in the wake of the falling fortunes of the Sarkar-i-Khalsa. Even in that dismal situation she tried to make the best use of not only her wit, wisdom and unusual courage, but also of her feminine charm and beauty to save the sinking ship of the State.

Published: 2001
Pages: 141
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Singh Brothers