Mann Ki Baat : A Social Revolution on Radio


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Mann ki Baat’, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s popular and ubiquitous monthly radio address has developed into a tour de force in itself. The program that began on October 3,2014 has gone on for more than fifty episodes and counting! Given its stupendous success, there has been considerable curiosity about the origins of ‘Mann ki Baat’, the idea behind it and the mind of the man behind the inspiring voice that has been reaching millions every month. In times when visual content dominates communication, ‘Mann ki Baat’ has become one of the most popular program in the history of radio, not just in India but also worldwide.

How did this happen? What are the behind-the-scenes stories that made this happen? This book answers these questions and more. This book displays the common thread of positivity and optimism that prime Minister Modi has woven through his ‘Mann ki Baat’ and how this thread has been picked up by common Indians and turned into a mass movement. 

Format: Paperback
Published: 2019
Pages: 760
ISBN: 978-9353333577