Miracles of Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences


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Allopathic treatment is combative; and the treatment through Nature Cure is preventative. If you are in bad health, don't worry, Nature Cure will change it for better.  If you're in sound health, maintain it b going in the lap of nature.

This book, written by the foremost practicing Naturopath in the country, Dr. Nagendra Kumar Neeraj, is a compendium that gives readers scientific analysis about the amazing therapeutic values of Naturopathy. It will prove to be a beacon of hope for the sick and a guide for those who want to lead a disease-free healthy life. The book contains many useful hints for the lay-persons, both for the prevention and cure of ailments.

Sound health is the greatest of Nature's gifts.

Published: 2009
Pages: 420
Format: Paperback