Mission R&AW


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This title is first eye opening account which has unlocked the main achievements and failures of Indian intelligence including IB and R&AW. There had been various assumptions, apprehensions and pretensions about the myths and realities of our intelligence among media, security analysts and in defense forces which have been threadbare for the public of this country in general and for the new generation in particular. It begins as to how the 'Thuggi and Dacoity' Department created by the British in 1904 took the shape of Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW) on September 21, 1968 which proved one of the most formidable intelligence agency of the world. Its founder R.N. Kao proved one of the most outstanding and legendary intelligence icon which has no parallel in the intelligence fraternity of the world. He outclassed Richard Helms of CIA and many other contemporaries of MI6 of Britain and Mossad of Israel while merging a territory of 3000 sq. miles of Sikkim within the Indian territory. There is no other example in the world intelligence as to how R&AW and its icon R.N. Kao carried out this task in the face of an imminent threat by China on its border. This book also reveals Kao's heroics in the liberation of Bangladesh which was also a monumental contribution.

Format: Hardcover

Year: 2014

ISBN: 978-8170494744

Pages: 543