My Experiments with Truth: An Autobiography


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This autobiography of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (or Mahatama Gandhi) covers his life from early childhood through 1920. Mahatama Gandhi (1869-1948) was a charismatic leader who brought the case for India's independence to world attention. His philosophy of nonviolence, for which he coined the term satyagraha, has influenced nonviolent resistance movements to this day.

For Gandhi, Truth was the sovereign principle - inclusive of many other spiritual principles and schools of thought. In this autobiography, Gandhi has recounted the period from his birth (1869) up to the year 1921. In the last chapter, he notes, "My life from this point onward has been so public that there is hardly anything about it that people not know..."

Published: 2011 (5th reprint)
Pages: 491
Format: Paperback
Includes: DVD of academy award winning motion picture Gandhi.