No Deadline for Love


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All her life Megha has diligently done what was expected of her: the graduation in economics, the MBA in marketing and now the straitlaced job in a high-profile FMCG company.

But lately, she's been wondering if this unending routine of juggling late hours and unreasonable deadlines is really her life's calling. Her mother's desperate attempts to put her on the 'marriage market' are not making life any easier. And to top it all, Megha s latest project has been bogged down by a complete dearth of creative ideas, giving her nasty boss the perfect excuse to disregard the blood, sweat and tears she s poured into her job so far. The last thing she needs is having her suggestions trampled upon by the team s new creative consultant, Yudi - gorgeous, sardonic and only too eager to disagree with Megha. And so the stage is set for a quirky battle of wits and some unexpected romance.

About the Author

Manasi Vaidya spent her childhood travelling all over the world with her parents and reading all the books she could get her hands on. After a degree in commerce at Pune University, she went on to do her MBA at IIM Ahmedabad where she was first introduced to the wonderful world of brands and advertising. She has worked in brand management for many years and has been fortunate to have worked with exceedingly nice bosses who have been very kind to her during appraisals. No Deadline for Love is her first book. 
Published: 2011
Pages: 176
Format: Paperback