Punjab de Lok Geet (Folk Songs of Punjab)


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This book gives a wide specturm of the Punjabi folklore by including popular folk songs for special occasions which gives a broad specturm pciture of Punjabi social customs and culture. It has the original Punjabi songs in both Gurmukhi script as well as in Roman script. This enables Punjabis all over the world can read Punjabi and also those who can't (Roman script would guide them) to thereby enjoy these traditional songs with the flavour and expression of the rich Punjabi folklore.

Folk songs are divided in various categories: lok geet, marriage songs, ghorian, shadi da bhangra, lorian, khedan, boliyan, tappe, muhaawre. Also includes a section on famous Punjabi poets: Waris Shah, Bulle Shah, Shah Muhammad among others.


Published: 2008
Pages: 183
Format: Hardcover