Punjabi Names & Their Meanings


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Punjabis constitute distinct communities that have settled in various regions of the world. Majority of Punjabis are Sikhs and Hindus, and are identified by their peculiar names. There are many publications on the names of other communities, and to fill the gap for Punjabis this is the first attempt to provide an exhaustive and most comprehensive dictionary of names with their meanings.  For the convenience of users, this compilation is divided into five chapters

The first chapter is an introduction about the importance of names in various cultures and religious groups. The second chapter is on the naming ceremonies, while over seven thousand historical, modern and spiritual first names with their meanings are listed in the third chapter.  Fourth and fifth chapters have description of honorific titles and popular nicknames respectively. This book will definitely prove to be an informative tool for the parents, teachers, librarians, researchers, genealogists, family historians and all other readers to whom the Punjabis are of interest.

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Published: June 2012
Pages: 190
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Asian Publications

ISBN: 978-0-9879590-0-3