Ranjit Singh: Maharaja of the Punjab


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This biography places center stage the magnificence and might of the Punjab Raj. Khushwant Singh has retained the flavor and taste of those heady times when the Sikh cavalry galloped to victory on every battlefield they happened to traverse. With this classic work, he has brought alive yet another colorful chapter in Indian history 

The first detailed biography of the first and only Sikh ruler of Punjab and Singh's depiction brings out the Napoleonic element in the Maharaja.

In this classic work Khushwant Singh presents Ranjit Singh as he really was. Based on Persian, Punjabi and English sources and drawing upon the diaries and accounts of European travellers like Moorcroft, Sir Alexander Burne, Masson, Fane and Emily Eden, this is a memorable account of the pageantry and brilliance of the Sikh Kingdom at the height of its power, and a lively portrait of one of the most colourful characters in Indian history.

Format: Paperback
Year: 2008
Pages: 326
ISBN: 978-01430440420