Real Sikhism


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Sikhism is the religion of the householders, who lead a balanced life of spiritual and worldly-grandeur.  This title deals with the correct understanding of the Sikh religion. It contains sixteen  chapters such as: The birth of Sikhism, definition of Sikhism, Sikh concept of Godhead, Guru in Sikhism, meditation, Sikh scriptures, the justification of Sikh ethics, and others. The aim of this book is to address the misinterpretation of Sikhism due to the ignorance about the knowledge of the Sikh tenets and doctrines.

Various currents and cross-currents have caused the simple and faithful followers to forget their Real religion, as most of them are no more saturated with their great heritage. Though the Sikhs have spread far and wide and many of them have settled in foreign countries, they and their children are under the impact of totally new environment and culture have become oblivious of their language, culture, and heritage. This book has been specifically written to provide correct understanding about Sikhism.


Published:  1994
Pages: 266
Format: Hardcover