Salman Khan: The Man, The Actor, The Legend


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 A name that's synonymous with packed theatres shouting his name and crowds of young men cheering for him, Salman Khan has been reigning in the popular imagination for three decades now. However, superstardom came with its share of troubles. Salman has found himself in the news once too often, almost as though he were controversy's favourite child. Endlessly discussed as well as criticized, he is an object of adulation, fantasy and reverence in the cultural space. Tabloid pieces, stories and gossip-all tend to collapse him into a formula, making him lose his exclusivity when he is one of a kind.

Salman Khan: The Man, The Actor, The Legend offers new perspectives on cinema and the peculiar glow of this star's superstardom in a consumerist society. It cuts through the many layers of his personality, the gossip and the rumours to focus on the star's aesthetic formulation-on what exactly it is about film and television, the star system and the capitalistic society that make him such a huge icon. It looks into Salman Khan, the phenomenon, in-depth, considering there have been fewer enquiries dedicated to charting his stardom than some of his contemporaries.

A fascinating account of one of Bollywood's towering figures, this is a candid portrait of Salman Khan-the man and the superstar-and what makes this legend thrive across generations.

Format: Hardcover
Published: 2022
Pages: 220
ISBN: 978-9388414692
Publisher: Bloomsbury