Sikhs in Latin America: Travels among the Sikh Diaspora


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This is an endeavor by the author to complete the Sikh migration map by covering countries about which little is known and hence is a pioneering effort in Diaspora studies.  This book describes how the Sikhs in Latin countries have maintained their faith against heavy odds. The actual destination of the immigrants was North America but if that was closed to them, they would go to anywhere in the Americas, Argentina being a prime example.

The narrative retains both the flavor of a travelogue as well field study covering a large number of interviews. Readers will become aware of two things: first - those factors which have gone into the actual writing of this book; and second - and more importantly, the irrepressible urge of the Sikhs to improve their lot, for which any hardship or obstacle is not a deterrent. The stories and adventures of the early Sikh migrants - simple, God-fearing and hard-working - are so fascinating that once you get started, it is difficult to put it down.


Published: 2012
Pages: 361
Format: Hardcover