Suchitra Sen: The Legend and the Enigma


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Suchitra Sen has been a greatest star of Bengali cinema, She also became very popular actress of Hindi cinema, and mesmerized audiences for years, before withdrawing from the public gaze and refusing to emerge in the limelight in the last decade of her life. In this nuanced biography, Shoma Chatterji unveils the two different dimensions of the Suchitra Sen persona: as a legendary romantic star with an audience pull spanning over two decades, and her slow but steady metamorphosis into a powerful performing artist through films like Deep Jele Jai, Hospital, Mamta and Aandhi who could seamlessly and effortlessly essay completely different characters without the on-screen partnership of Uttam Kumar.

Publisher: Harper Collins
  • Year: 2016
  • ISBN: 978-9351776383
  • Pages: 244 pages