The Book of Nanak


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Guru Nanak was deeply spiritual from an early age, having being born into a society caught in the throes of orthodoxy and ritualism. The ills of child marriage, infanticide and a rigid caste system had further crippled his people. The outpouring of Nanak s faith evolved into the universal message of the omnipresence and existence of one God, of true love, equality and compassion, which appealed to Hindus and Muslims alike.

Drawing upon the various myths and legends contained in anecdotal biographies and placing them in as precise a historical framework as possible, The Book of Nanak traces the chronology of the main events of Nanak's life. It sheds new light on Guru Nanak's message and includes translations of some of his hymns, which continue to inspire people the world over.

Published: 2003
Format: Paperback
Pages: 149
ISBN: 9780143066934