The Essential Herbal for Natural Health


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A favorite kitchen-crafting guide among American herbalists, this book is packed with information and recipes to keep you happy in your kitchen and garden! Featuring 13 easy and versatile healing herbs and more than 200 healing recipes, The Essential Herbal is a fantastic beginner's guide to creating and using herbal medicine.

From tinctures to ease tummy aches to elixirs to enhance energy, making your own remedies from easy-to-find herbs can be a satisfying and pleasurable way to connect with nature and your family's health. While entering the “herb world” can be intimidating—many of today's herb books are filled with cultivation tables, harvest techniques, dye charts, and aromatherapy guidelines—The Essential Herbal for Natural Health provides a welcome entry point for those wishing to experience the beauty and simplicity of natural herbal remedies safely.

By focusing on just thirteen foundation herbs, you can easily jump into the world of herbs while still creating a wide range of remedies and recipes. With something for everyone in the family—men, women, and children—these simple recipes can be made to cure coughs, calm anxiety, moisturize skin, and more.

Published: 2012
Pages: 316
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Roost Books