The Free Voice: On Democracy, Culture and the Nation


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Ravish Kumar is one of our bravest and most mature public thinkers and speakers. Few journalists today have as keen an understanding of Indian society and politics and as strong a commitment to the truth. Fewer still can match him in eloquence and integrity.

In this wide-ranging book, he examines the spaces available for people to speak out, whether in the mainstream or on social media, and why they are constantly shrinking. He investigates the threats to free expression—censorship, the fear of institutional, physical and psychological violence—and how these threats are being used to replace civilized debate, dialogue and social harmony with intolerance and hate. He also catalogues the many ways in which the media, elected representatives and the institutions of the land are collectively failing us. And, most importantly, he sets out what we must do as citizens if we are to reclaim lost ground and build an intellectually progressive, inclusive and truly democratic nation.

The Free Voice presents, with great insight, wit and characteristic forthrightness, a much needed and timely report on the state of the nation. This is a book that everyone must read and ponder over.

Published: 2018
Pages: 196
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Speaking Tiger