The Red Sari: A Dramatized Biography of Sonia Gandhi


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Javier Moro's book describes Sonia Gandhi as the perfect daughter in law, loving and understanding wife and also brings out the warmth of the relationship she and Rajiv Gandhi shared from the time they met till his death Most of this book is history. The author has taken excerpts from books by Kushwant Singh, Pupul Jaykar, Katherine Frank, Minhaz Merchant, etc. to name a few. Only in the beginning of the book we get to read a bit about Sonia's humble background and her family.

Most of the book is about the Gandhi family which we already know about. But those of us who have been around when the events mentioned in this book took place, will find it interesting as it takes you many years back and wonder how much has changed! Sonia Gandhi now comes across as a very different person! The author has flattered her more than expected..! 

Published: 2015
Pages: 429
Format: Softcover
Publisher: Roli Books
ISBN: 978-9351941033