The Revenue Stamp: An Autobiography


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The Revenue Stamp is the autobiography of the famous poet, novelist and short story writer, Amrita Pritam. Explosive in its revelations and poetic in its content, the book is a candid account of her extraordinary life. Pritam reflects on her full and creative journey of life—her uneasy relationship with her father, her forays into the world of literature, accolades received, brickbats borne and the rather turbulent equation she had with society at large. Pritam, who spent her early life in Lahore, was a first-hand witness to the tragedy of the Partition and this deeply influenced her writing.


Always considered a controversial figure in the realm of literature, she was often criticized for her outspoken and allegedly explicit writing. Several of her books and poetry collections were banned for either being disrespectful to religion or being sexually vivid. In her autobiography Pritam has expressed her anguish over her contemporaries’ malice against her and the narrow-mindedness of the world of Punjabi literature.

On the personal front, Pritam has dwelt on her failed first marriage, her relationship with Imroz—the noted artist and writer and her rather unique and probably unrequited love for Sahir Ludhiyanvi—the famous poet and Hindi films lyricist. In her beliefs and writings, Amrita Pritam was much ahead of her times and consequently, had to face the angst of society. All this has been beautifully and lyrically brought out in this autobiography.


ISBN: 9789325991347
Pages: 206
Format: Paperback
Published: 2015