The True Name


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Sharing His insight on the beauty of Nanak’s words, Osho says Nanak’s poems are like uncut stones, not guided by any rule or conditions or any effort to beautify his language. They are not changed and arranged. They are just as Nanak uttered them. These are words that were spoken and not written; therefore no account is kept of the rhythm or the cadence or even the language.

Bringing out the essence of Japuji, Osho says: “The Japuji were Nanak’s first proclamations after the union with the Beloved. The Japuji are the very first words uttered by him after self-realization; therefore they hold a very special place in the sayings of Nanak. The Japuji is the first gift from Nanak to the world. They are the latest news brought back from the kingdom of heaven.”


"Osho's discourses on Nanak's songs made me aware of many things which previously were not clear to me. I started listening every morning to his discourses in which he has explained the teaching of Upanishads, Vedas and Sufi mystics. It confirmed my belief that Osho is one of the greatest souls born in this country [India].  These discourses are not just for Sikhs but are useful for all those who want to move on the path of devotion."

~ Khushwant Singh

Published: 2006
Pages: 518
Format: Paperback