A Soldier's General: An Autobiography


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Joginder Jaswant Singh, a third generation soldier from his family to join the army, was only fifteen years old when he enrolled in the National Defence Academy. And thus started the eventful journey of a simple and straightforward soldier born without a silver spoon in his mouth - his grandfather was a sepoy and his father a colonel in the Indian Army - who reached the top of his profession.

India's first Sikh army chief, and the first from Maratha Light Infantry Regiment to reach his rank, General J. J. Singh fave his hundred percent even though he got more than his fair share of operational-area assignments. With his motto of 'Fight to Win' he took the rough with the smooth and also made sure that the soldiers under his command were well-led and battle-ready.

During his 47 year stint in the army, he commanded two infantry battalions, and was closely associated with the planning and execution of the Kargil war at the Army headquarters. In 2008, soon after retiring as army chief, General Singh became governor of the sensitive state of Arunachal Pradesh. A proactive governor, he has been tireless working for the stability of and development of the state.

Includes some rare photographs from his life's journey.

Published: 2012
Pages: 386
Format: Paperback
Publisher: HarperCollins