Yoga in the Workplace


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Acclaimed yoga practitioner, Shameem Akthar, has come up with a simple and efficient way of using yogic practices at the work station, even as you work. These adapted yogic practices, which can be neatly integrated into the office environment, demand very little in terms of time, yet promise you with health, both mentally and physically. 

Although primarily developed for a workaholic who is committed to his or her cubicle, the book works just as well for a home-maker and the couch-loving grandparent. Even people who exercise regularly will find this book useful: studies has proven that exercise relegated entirely to one part of the day is not very effective if the rest of the day is spent largely in a passive manner.

Clear, lucid instructions accompanied by easy-to-follow illustrations make this book an effective companion for those of us who to juggle several roles in a day seamlessly.

Published: 2010
Pages: 236
Format: Paperback