Cooking Delights of The Maharajas


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Contrary to other cookbooks which emphasize modernizing the Indian cuisine or describe shortcuts in meal preparation, this book highlights sumptuous delicacies of Indian royalty and describes the dishes in their true form.

The Persian School of Cooking has had greatest impact on Indian cooking. The Maharajas invariably were connoisseurs of good food. Fine kitchens were maintained and best cooks were sought, sometimes there was a cook for each recipe! Among the royalty, it was a status symbol as to whose table provided the most unusual and luxurious fare. The cooks kept their recipes jealously guarded secrets and the precious formulas often from father to son.

Some royal recipes include: Korma Shahjehani, Kofta Saleem, Chui Mui Ke Kofte (Kofta Catch Me Not), Murg Mussallam Sailana, Machchi ka Soola, Mewe ki Biryani, Khichdi Shirazi, Alu la-Javab, Hare Chane ke Kebab, Lahasun ki Kheer, Gajar Halwa Ala Kism, and many more. 

About the Author

Digvijaya Singh shares some of the most best kept secrets in culinary magic - based on collection by his father, His Highness Raja Sir Dilip Singhji, K.C.I.E of Sailana, Madhya Pradesh. It was an all consuming interest which he bourght to scientific perfection. He took great pains over each recipe, refining and experimenting again and again tilll he brought it to perfection.  He had ancient recipe books in Sanskrit, Urdu, and Persian translated and invited cooks from all over to learn from them. The recipes in this book are the result of his untiring research and hope to be marveled by lovers of good food.

Published: 2002 (Tenth reprint)
Pages: 192
Format: Paperback