Snacks for Children (Vegetarian)


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Children have a comfort level with things that match their size. Their food should be in a small portion, in a shape they can relate to. They also like to pick up things with their fingers, and most of all, they like to eat in a hurry, then rush off to play.

A child will eat most readily when he/she is hungry and wants a snack - so the emphasis of this book is to give you a range of quick, easy and nutritious offering for that eager spurt of hunger. Many recipes are provided:  small round pancakes, savory balls, finger foods, mini-rolls, mini-seekhs, plump little patties, tempting tikkis, toasties, biscuits, sandwiches and buns. 

Taste has not been compromised and recipes presented in this book be enjoyed by both children and adults alike.

Published: 2009
Pages: 100
Format: Hardcover